Monday, March 7, 2011

Oatmeal Shampoo

Seamus, like most wheaten terriers, needs a bath once a month because his beautiful coat is a magnet for twigs, dirt and leaves.  Because of this, he needs a good pH-balanced dog shampoo to prevent him from getting dry skin.
I always use oatmeal shampoo. The oatmeal is a mild ingredient that maintains the pet's skin and coat healthy, and it also helps to relieve the dog's itch.


  1. Once a month? My husband and I just bought our two wheatens and we have washed them twice in the past 4 days. Is this okay? We are using the oatmeal shampoo...

  2. It is not recommended to bathe any dog that often because it will remove the natural oils from the skin and consequently cause skin irritation.
    When Seamus gets dirty, I usually rinse him with plain water to remove the dirt.
    It is also important to remove any mats before getting the dog wet to prevent damage to the coat.