Friday, March 4, 2011

Ear Infections

Wheaten terriers are often prone to ear infections (otitis externa). It is very important to keep their ears clean and free from hair and waxy buildup. The hair growing inside the ears has to be pluck out and the ears have to be clean with a otic solution at least once a week to prevent waxy build up that can promote an environment for organisms to grow in the ear.

 A few years ago, Seamus was getting ear infections on his left ear. I kept taking him to the veterinarian for this problem. The veterinarian was giving him cortisone shots, oral antibiotics and ear drops. The veterinarian even sent a sample for culture to identify the organism causing this infections, but this did not resolve the issue. After many visitis to the doctor and expensive bills, I decided to get a second opinion. I made an appointment with another veterinarian. After evaluating Seamus' ear condition, this doctor decided to give Seamus another type of antibiotic. Seamus took the new antibiotic for two weeks and his ear infection was resolved. Althoug this antibiotic was very expensive ($8 a pill), it was the right medication for his condition. It has been almost two years and Seamus' ears are free of infection!


  1. My homeopathic vet had mebtake my wheaten off all wheat and grains. I use flaxseed oil in his ears everyday.

    His raw ears cleared up overnight and continue to stay away.

    Could see change immeditely. He also put him on some immuity boosters.


    1. Thank you for the comments.
      Seamus is also off of grain food because it was causing him stomach problems.

  2. what was the 8.00 a pill called

    1. The oral antibiotic name is "Zeniquin". It is a very strong antibiotic and it eliminated his ear infection. It costs around $100 for the prescription at the vet's office.

      Seamus gets ear infections mostly when he gets a bath. I usually tell the groomer to put a cotton ball on his ears to prevent any water getting into his ears. He is more prone to getting ear infections on his left ear.

      I clean his ears frequently with "TrizUltra + Keno". This is a broad spectrum cleanser. I also remove any long hair that is in the ear canal (I pull the hair with a tweezer).

      Hope this information helps out!

  3. Replies
    1. The vet's prescribes the antibiotic dosage (milligrams) based on the dog's weight. Because of this, the dosage will vary according to the dog's weight. Consult with the veterinarian for the appropriate antibiotic and dosage.
      If the dog has persistent ear infections, it is recommended to have a culture to identify the bacteria and the antibiotic sensitivity to ensure that the ear infection is being treated with the correct antibiotic. Hope this information is helpful! Thank you for visiting Seamus' blog.