Saturday, December 9, 2017

Memories of Christmas Past...

Today, we got the first snow storm of the season. Although we only got about 2 inches, Stella was hesistant to go in the yard alone. After some help, I was able to make her go outside to play in the snow for a few minutes. While seeing the snow flakes coming down, I recalled how much Seamus loved to play in the snow and Stella loved to run with him. Seamus also enjoyed hanging around with his pal Stella while we decorated the Christmas tree.


  1. Hello there, I was searching through internet trying to find a solution for my soft coated wheaten terrier, 10 month old, ear infection. It is almost a week that we noticed that his left ear is red and irritated. It also smelled bad and has a very little brown discharge. I tried to clean it by shave his ear facial hair and wipe his ear canal. The smell is gone but the redness stayed. So we took him to visit his vet. The vet cleaned up his ear and applied some sort of cream and also said that they used lazier for treatment. I asked whether it is a bacterial infection and he need antibiotic, but they said they do not know why his ear is irritated and told us to wait for another week and give them another visit. They send him home without any antibiotic or cream. For the 15 min we spend there they charged us $165. I was not happy with their approach and look through internet to see if anybody had the same experience... and i found your page. I'm so sorry for your loss. She was a very cute dog. It is so sad that they have such a short life and we have to say good bye to them one day. I read some of the pages of your blog and noticed that my dog has similar ear problem as what Seamus had long ago. I just wonder what would you recommend to us as a experienced wheaten owner? noticed that i can boy the pill you gave Seamus online. Thanks you. Paris

    1. I will take the dog to another Vet. The doctor can do a culture to identify if the dog has an ear infection, bacterial or yeast. Also, the Vet can collect a ear wax or liquid from the ear and look it in the microscope to see if there is yeast or a lot of bacteria.