Sunday, October 8, 2017

Message from the other side

Seamus passed away in our arms yesterday and my family and I have been very upset. We all missed him very much! This morning, my husband and I went to Home Depot to look at some kitchen cabinets. While we were looking at cabinets, a small butterfly showed up in the store and started flying around us and landed on my husband's shirt. My husband grabbed the butterfly and placed it on my hand and I placed it on one of the countertop. The butterfly went back to where I was seated. Tears started falling on both of us. Many people say that butterflies are messangers from the death to let you know that they have passed to the other side and that they are okay. Coincidentally, my daughter was going to breakfast this morning and the same happened to her. She said a beautiful butterfly showed up while she was walking on the street. The butterfly surrounded her for a few minutes. We hope that Seamus is happy on his new life in Heaven and that his spirit continues around us. Seamus... You will always be loved 😘😘❤️🙏🌈 🦋


  1. My heart is filled with empathy and sadness for your loss. I hope the beautiful memories of Seamus' life surround you...

  2. Thank you! Seamus is greatly missed.