Monday, November 28, 2016

Seamus' Health

Seamus will celebrate his 13th birthday in February 2017! In the last few months, Seamus has shown some new health issues. His back legs are getting weaker and he cannot go up and down the stairs by himself. The veterinarian evaluated his condition and gave him some medicine. She also checked his reflexes and told me that they are good.
Besides this, Seamus is eating well and does not seem to be in pain. He can still move around slowly but he mostly enjoys sitting on his bed and hanging with us in the family room while we watch TV in the evenings.
I am not looking forward for the winter time because I think Seamus will have a difficult time in the snow.
Stella turned 6 years old in October. She is a very active dog and enjoys being with Seamus. Although Seamus is not as playful now, she likes to be around him.

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