Saturday, July 5, 2014

Update on Seamus' dog food

Seamus did not tolerate the raw dog food well. During my dog food search for Seamus,  I found out about this healthy and all natural dog food with added minerals and vitamins.

This dog food is a dehydrated and grain free formula, and it is made with human grade ingredients. All the ingredients are gluten-free and there is no fillers, preservatives or by-products added to the food.

"The Honest Kitchen" makes different varieties of this healthy dog food. I have bought the vegetables and the chicken/vegetables brands. When I feed them the all vegetable brand, I boil chicken and add it to their food. The food is dehydrated and you just need to add warm water, stir well for three minutes to hydrate it, and it is ready to serve.

Seamus and Stella love this kind of food, and Seamus has not been having any stomach issues for the past several weeks. They are enjoying all the healthy ingredients, including apples, kelp, pumpkin, and chicken.

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