Monday, March 24, 2014

Raw Frozen Dog Food

I have tried many varieties of dog food for Seamus because he has a very sensitive stomach. His stomach gets upset and he throws up with certain food brands.  We have had many veterinarian visits due to this problem.

After researching this, we decided to put Seamus and Stella on a raw frozen dog food diet. This diet does not have any wheat, rice, grains, cereal, soy or gluten. Because it is raw, it does not affects the dog's natural digestive system.

Seamus and Stella transitioned well to the raw food diet. Seamus' stomach issues have improved and he seems to be tolerating this food well. Since he is being on this new diet he is being feeling better.

In addition to the raw food, they are drinking raw goat's milk formula for dogs.  The goat's milk is full of nutrients that are beneficial to their health.

I will keep you posted on Seamus' health...

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