Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Christmas at Walt Disney World

We Went to Walt Disney World for Christmas. We decided to bring Seamus and Stella with us instead of leaving them at the pet resort that they usually go to.

This was Stella's first long car ride since she came to our house.  She did very well! She was very happy sitting on my daughter's lap during the car ride. Seamus loves to travel and enjoyed the long trip to Florida. 

On the way to Florida, we spent the night on a nice pet friendly hotel. I am glad that there is more pet friendly hotels and their fees are not that high.

Seamus and Stella stayed at the Walt Disney World pet resort while we were on vacation in Orlando, Florida.

The Walt Disney Pet resort is amazing!! Seamus and Stella had a great time there. The pet resort staff was great.  We were able to come by every day to visit them and take them for a walk around the pet facility. This made their stay more enjoyable because they were able to play and be out of their kennel more often.

All the family had a magical time at Walt Disney World. Christmas day at the Magic Kingdom was very special!  We will definitely do this again in the future.

See the pictures on my next blog...

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