Wednesday, September 4, 2013


 Early in the morning, Seamus and Stella went outside in the backyard, and suddenly my husband kept hearing Stella barking at something in the backyard. 
My husband went out with a flashlight (it was 5:30 AM), and noticed that Stella was barking at something behind the daylily plant. When he got closer, he noticed a bunny hopping out of the plant. The bunny built a small nest and had three tiny baby bunnies. 
The bunnies are so tiny that they do not have their eyes open yet and did not have any fur.
We had to put a fence around the plant so Stella or Seamus will not disturb the nest.
Stella is very curious and keeps going around the area and barks at the tiny bunnies.
We have not seen the mom around, but we hope that she is checking on the little ones.

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