Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Seamus went to the veterinarian today. He was due for a check-up and he needed to get one of the vaccines. Seamus hopped in the back of the car and on the way we went to the vet! We had an 8:00 AM appointment so we did not have to wait too long to be seen. The veterinarian gave a yummy treat to Seamus,  proceeded to do the routine check-up, and reported that Seamus looked great!
 I mentioned to the doctor that Seamus has been having some brown waxy discharge on his left ear. She checked the ear, and told me that he had an ear infection. She prescribed the oral antibiotic Zenequin and the otic suspension Posatex. Both are used to treat otitis in dogs. These antibiotics work very well every time he gets an ear infection. The downsize is that Zenequin is very expensive.
The doctor recommended to give Seamus the allergy medicine, Zyrtec. She thinks that Seamus is having some allergies and this is making him prone to getting ear infections. I have also noticed that he has been sneezing and scratching his body. 
After checking out at the doctor's office, we came back home. Stella was very happy to see his pal back home. She checked him out all over. Seamus was very happy to be back, and went in the backyard with Stella for their morning playtime. Summer days are here!

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